Sunday, July 29, 2012

Choosing Monitor

A user on this forum wrote 4 principle to follow choosing a monitor for text reading:

"1) Brightness: Most big screens have over bright back lights. When they do have powerful back lights, turning them down often still results in poor color rendition and the contrast looks hideous if you are further forced to use the LCD itself to limit the light coming through even more. Solution: Avoid anything with a back light rated over 300cd/m2.

2) PVA panel angular gamma shift. Most people aren't bothered by this, but this affects me quite a bit. The gamma shift with small viewing angle changes is strongest with *VA screens. This can cause each eye to see a slightly different image which can be perceived as 3D cues, your eyes tend to work harder trying to pull out the 3D object (like a magic 3d picture) and hence eyestrain. I stress this is rare. Solution: Get and TN or IPS screen.

3) Neon Colors. I have a Dell 3007-HC in front of me right now. HC stands for Hi-Color or some such nonsense. Basically it is in the trend of "wide Gamut" monitors which will tend to give you neon Reds and Greens. These colors can actually hurt to look at and represent significant problems trying to correct. Solution: Get a non-neon standard gamut panel

4) Excess strong AG (Anti-glare) treatment that looks like dust on your screen. Mainly noticeably as a blotchy/sparkly looking dust over white text. Annoying and probably increases eyestrain. Solution: Looks for smoother AG coatings."

Panel: IPS panels have wider viewing angle while TN panels have poor one. However, TN have much shorter response time that is perfect for gamers.

Saturday, July 28, 2012

vmware share

vmware 8.0.3 share folder
ubuntu guest, windows 7 host

vmware tool:
mount the folder:

/mnt/hgfs  (unable to display the shared folder): 
1. sudo apt-get install open-vm-dkms,RET along the way down
2. sudo mount  -t  vmhgfs  .host:/   /mnt/hgfs,这样/mnt/hgfs下便有了与windows的共享目录。 

3. 为了每次开机自动挂载共享目录,在/etc/init.d/open-vm-tools末尾增加一行: 
sudo mount  -t  vmhgfs  .host:/     /mnt/hgfs     (host:/ 处 有空格

emacs and CEDET

1. integrate the emacs and CEDET
A Gentle Introduction to Emacs

emacs color theme

m-x load-library RET
color-theme RET
m-x color-theme-select RET