Thursday, May 23, 2013

Software Notes Windows, Office, Firefox, Dreamweaver, others Tips and Tricks

yet another insignificant Programming Notes
by ehchua

1.  Windows

Startup Programs and Services: run "msconfig".

Remove File Associations: Launch Register Editor (regedit), look for key "HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Explorer\FileExts". Find and delete the association.
Windows' Registry: CCleaner 

2.  Word

Selecting Columns of Texts: Hold the "alt" key, you can use mouse to select columns of texts. (ALT+Normal Selection)
Format Painter: One of the most useful feature for formatting your word documents. Suppose that you wish to apply the same format of a paragraph or a character to another part of the document. Select the texts, push "Format Painter" , and paste over the texts to be formatted. (Copy the text mark ups)
Table Formula: You can use formula such as sum for WinWord's table just like excel. Under "Table Tools" ⇒ Layout ⇒ Data ⇒ Fomula. T

5.  Dreamweaver

Creating a Code Snippet:
  1. Show the "Snippets" panel: From "Window" menu ⇒ "Snippets" (or "Snippets" tab on the right panel).
  2. Create a folder for your snippets: right-click on "Name" panel ⇒ New Folder ⇒ MySnippets.
  3. Create your snippet: Let us create a snippet to underline selected texts by wrapping a style <span class="underline"> and </span> around the selected texts. Right-click on "Name" panel ⇒ "New Snippet" ⇒ In "Name" field, enter a name, e.g., underline ⇒ In "Snippet Type", you may choose "Wrap selection" (for applying markup to selected texts) or "Insert block" (for inserting codes/texts). For our example, we select "Wrap selection" ⇒ In "Insert Before", enter <span class="underline> ⇒ In "Insert After", enter </span> ⇒ OK. Move the snippet to your snippet folder MySnippets.
  4. Assign keyboard shortcut to your snippet: Right-click on the snippet name ⇒ "Edit Keyboard Shortcuts" ⇒ In "Commands", choose "Snippet" ⇒ Press the desired Key ⇒ Click "Change" to override the existing keyboard shortcut.
Customizing Keyword Shortcuts: Use "Edit" ⇒ "Keyboard Shortcuts".
Example: To remove "ctrl-3" for "Format, Paragraph Format, Heading 3": "Edit" ⇒ "Keyboard Shortcuts" ⇒ "Menu Commands" ⇒ "Format" ⇒ "Heading 3" ⇒ Select the shortcut key ⇒ Click "-" to remove.
Display Orphaned Files and Broken Files: From "Site" menu ⇒ "Advanced" ⇒ "Recreate Site Cache" ⇒ "Check Links Sitewide" ⇒ In the output, choose "Show Orphaned Files" to display the orphaned files; choose "Show Broken Links" to display broken links.
Creating a Local Site and Synchronize with the Server:
  1. From "Site" menu ⇒ "New Site..." ⇒ Choose the "Advanced" tab.
  2. Fill in the "local Info"
  3. Fill in the "Remote Info" (the server)
  4. You can also use menu "Manage Site..." to configure a Dreamweaver site.
  5. To transfer local site to the server, From "Files" ⇒ "Connect to remote host" ⇒ "Synchronize".
Looking for Tips
I use dreamweaver to write this web site. BUT, I am certainly not a dreamweaver power user. I am still looking for answers for these questions. Let me know if you have a solution.
  • How to do on-the-fly spell and grammar check, with errors highlighted while typing, just like Word?
  • How to compress and optimal images for web display to save the bandwidth, just like Powerpoint? I am also looking for a lightweight image editor that can do the simple and basic image operations such as cropping. Any suggestion?
  • What is the easier way to replace '>''<''"' and '&', with their escape sequences?

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