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Collective form of TV watching
- Many people become extremely dependent on a daily "fix: of superficial contacts. This is especially true for individual who cannot tolerate solitude, and who have little emotional support at home
Bottom Line
- In the past few centuries economic rationality has been so successful that we have come to take for granted that the "bottom" line of any human effort is to be measured in dollars and cents. But an exclusively economic approach to life is profoundly irrational; the true bottom line consists in the quality and complexity of experience
- Subjective experience is not just one of the dimensions of life, it is life itself. Material conditions are secondary: they only affect us indirectly, by way of experience. Flow, and even pleasure, on the other hand, benefit the quality of life directly. Health, money, and other material advantages may or may not improve life. Unless a person has learned to control psychic energy, chances are such advantages will useless
- The reason tragic events were seen as positive was that they presented the victim with very clear goals while reducing contradictory and inessential choices. The patients who learned to master the new challenges of their impaired situation felt a clarity of purpose they had lacked before. Learning to live again is itself a matter of enjoyment and pride, and they were able to turn the accident from a source of entropy into an occasion of inner order
When a man knows he is to be hanged in a fortnight, it concentrates his mind wonderfully
Bite the bullet and make best of it
Coping Stress - Coping Strategy
mature defense, transformational coping
neurotic defense, regressive coping
survivors, resilience, courage
Dissipative Structures
Dissipative Structures: physical systems that harness energy which otherwise would be dispersed and lost in random motions. e.g. Plant. All life on earth is ultimately made possible by dissipative structures that capture chaos and shape it into a more complex order
Transformational Coping
  1. Unselfconscious self-assurance
  2. Focusing attention on the world
  3. The discovery of new solutions
Tragedy of Parachuter: In a threatening situation it is natural to mobilize psychic energy, draw it inward, and use it as a defense against the threat. But this innate reaction more often than not compromises the ability to cope. It exacerbates the experience of inner turmoil, reduces the flexibility of response, and, perhaps worse than anything else, it isolates a person from the rest of world, leaving him alone with his frustrations.

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