Friday, June 21, 2013

Merits in Social Networking


Active User vs. Passive User
A recent example made a telling distinction between active and passive Facebook use (Burke et al., 2010). Passive Facebook use includes scrolling through other people's photos and reading their updates while active use includes updating your status and writing private messages. Perhaps you'll be unsurprised to learn that the active kind is the good one for increasing social bonding.

Reducing Loneliness through Facebook Status
When participants made more Facebook updates, they felt less lonely and this was caused by feeling more connected to their friends on a daily basis. Surprisingly it didn't depend on whether their friends replied or not, or how they replied, just reaching out had the effect of reducing loneliness. 

If you see a friend in the street it's better to say hi and ask how they are than passively observe them from a distance.

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